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This platform was created to provide course materials for my full time students working online.

Engaging video lectures and real-world case studies provide a dynamic and immersive learning experience enabling collaboration, critical thinking and a practical application of your knowledge of economics.

New course for 2023:

Managerial Economics

This course brings together the core elements of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. We will see how simple insights can be applied to management practice, and obtain a clearer understanding of how economic factors affect company performance. [6 Lessons]


The great pedagogical skills helped me to better understand how business decisions are made, and find optimal solutions to business-related issues.
Dr Alex Issa
Lecturer, ESSEC Business School
The approach is brilliant, it is hard skill topic delivered as mastered entertainment. I enjoyed it a lot. And the content becomes so memorable, you start using it in your business decisions.
Alyona Kovaleva
Founder – Fintech Startup
This website has been a game-changer for me. With its wealth of valuable content, engaging articles and video lectures, it offers a unique perspective on various business topics, bridging the gap between theory and practice… an indispensable tool for intellectual growth and professional development.
Helen Simpson
External Affairs and
Project Management Specialist
The content is highly applicable to my daily work and is in line with the current trends that help my decision making.
Andrey Petrov
Software Test Manager
The knowledge and experience obtained from these resources have helped me to make better decisions and improve my team development – a great way to understand and apply concepts from economics.
Diana Maietec
Training and Development Manager
These comprehensive resources make complex economic theories accessible and engaging – they are ideal for ambitious learners. The course materials weaves theory with real-world applications, serving as a significant guide for both beginners and experienced practitioners.
Roberto Tsvetanov
Technical Team Lead

A short film about saffron from the micro economics course.

Anthony J. Evans is Professor of Economics at ESCP Business School

Previously an Affiliate Faculty Member on the Microeconomics of Competitiveness Programme at Harvard Business School and a Fulbright Scholar in Residence at San Jose State University.

Research areas include monetary economics and transitional economics delving into topics related to competitiveness, central banking, and neoliberalism.